It is that time of the year when High School students are starting school. This can be exciting or depressing time. High School is another world that is full of adventures and endeavors. However, to some, especially to freshman, High School can be a scary jungle full of unknowns, and they cannot wait to get out of it as soon. Still, High school can be the best experience of your life if you had the right circle of support: friends, family members, parents, and teachers among others. It is important to have support from right people to have a wonderful experience in high school. You need people who encourage you, motivate you, empower you, and constructively criticized you. When I look back to my High School days, I had a wonderful experience because I had a good circle of support. I also had my share of challenges. When I first joined High School in East Africa, it was a new universe for me. I left primary school with familiar faces and friend to join a boarding school where I had to study 21 instead of 10 courses in year. Moreover, when I joined High School in Canada, it was also a different world from the one I knew in East Africa, with new kind of Challenge. Yet, my experience was great because of the people who were involved in my life.

High School is survivable, and you can thrive in it if you got involved. We spend most of the time at school, so why not take advantage of the services that the school offers: sports, students clubs and such. Getting involved gives you a sense of belonging, making you feel like you are a part of the school society. According to a study by UCLA, isolation and feeling of not belonging can be as painful as physical pain. It can lead to mental and psychological illness. Social-belonging increases the students’ performance and improved their High School experience.

Social belong in itself alone is not enough to improve one’s performance and experience of High School. It is important to surround yourself with good friends who wants the best for you. Negative friends can poison you experience of and performance in High School because they drag you down instead of helping your growth and become successful. The key is to befriend those who are successful already but are also supportive and encouraging to your success and wellbeing. You want friends who will motivate you to do better in life.

Improved performance and experience are not only factored by social involvement and good friends. Besides your hard work, you need good teachers. Your teachers are supposed to help growth and become successful personally and academically. When you need help, do not be shy to ask for their assistance. It is part of the learning process and there is no shame in it.

According to Ontario’s Ministry of Education student’s success is also dependable on parents’ involvement in the education life of their children. The Ontario Education ministry have guidelines on how parents can be involved in their children life, which includes demonstrating interest in what the student learns at school; establishing an environment for study by ensuring that there is a time dedicated for doing homework and study away from distraction; helping the child with their homework; talking to your child’s teacher about how you can assist your child improved their performance if needed; and knowing what is happening at your child’s school and school society.

In Sum, High School can be the best of times if you have a good circle of support.