The most exciting moment in post-secondary education is the graduation day. This is the day where every college or university student waits for after high school completion. It could be the most exciting or terrifying moment in a new grad’s life. Entering into the uncertainty world full of hardships and unknown is like entering into the wilderness full of unknown creatures and zig-zag paths. One of the difficulties that some new grads face right after graduation is finding that entry-level opportunity. It is very aggravating especially when you think about the substantial student loan that accumulates after post-secondary graduation. There are two steps that will make finding that first employment opportunity easier.

First, applying to a college or university program is a headache with so many options of programs available. It is hard sometimes to pick one. Before applying to any program, do extensive research about the program and how marketable it is. Make sure you enrolled in a program of your choice.

Secondly, while you are still in university or college, start to network with people working in your field and apply for coop programs. Coop helps students develop a network that tends to be very important after your graduation. If your program does not have coop try to find a volunteering opportunity (if you are in business program go to any financial institutions or insurance company and ask them for a part-time volunteering opportunity ) this is a good way to invest in your future. By doing coop or volunteering, you will gain an advantage during the hiring process. Most importantly, you will find it easier to land that first career job.

Coop and volunteering is the best way to build a network and connect with people in your field. Good grades alone do not guarantee a job anymore in today’s economy….you need experience too, and the best way to get experiences while in school is through volunteering and Coop.